Sunday, March 29, 2009


Chase and I woke up this morning to find we had been covered in snow over night! We were not expecting this at all and I was a little bummed because all I want is spring to come and warm weather to be here! We decided it would be fun to go outside and play in our yard.
Beaver Mountain closed yesterday, so we spent last week getting some good ski days in before the season was over. We had so much fun this season skiing and proud to say we definitely put our season passes to good use! Here are a couple pictures of us from this last week. We are sad that the season is over, but excited for the weather to warm up!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break

We started out Spring Break by going to St. George. I could not wait to be in warm weather and not have to bundle up to go outside! It was so nice down there I didn't want to leave. We also made a quick trip Las Vegas. We spent the day walking around the strip, looked at all the beautiful flowers at the Bellagio, and did a little shopping. It was so fun to be with the family and by the end of the day we were all so tired. I can't wait for summer in St. George

After St. George we made a stop in Salt Lake to watch Trev ski in the U.S. Freeskiing Competition. We were really excited to hang out at Snowbird and watch all the skiers. Trev had a great run and went huge on the last jump but unfortunately he fell, but it was fun to be there for him! After skiing at Snowbird we realized how used to the Beav we are.

We ended our spring break by heading to Denver for the weekend! Kenny brought Stella to Denver a few days before we got there and was planning to take her back to Salt Lake, but since Chase and I were headed back on Sunday we had the "privilege" to return her to her parents. It really was not a bad experience. She was great on the plane! But on the way to the airport she just happened to throw up in her car seat, then casually fall asleep. But in the end we learned it was great birth control, and Stella is a great little niece!!... It was so fun to be in Denver. We were able to see the my mom's Showroom which is awesome. Both of my parents have done a some much work to put it all together and it is the best in all of the Design Center. It was also really fun to hang out with Hailey and Joe, we just wish we could have been there longer.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Waiting for Spring!

Hopefully there won't be much more of this because spring is almost here! We are both really excited for spring to arrive, but we will be sad when ski season is over. We have been busy with the usual stuff..... school, work, skiing, and other day to day things.... nothing to special but we are having fun!