Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy New Year?!

Well we know that January is almost over but its never late to wish everyone a Happy New Year right?! We had so much fun in Denver over Christmas break. Trying to get back into the swing of school after winter break has been hard for the both of us. We both have really busy schedules with school and when we come home all we want to do is hang out and NOT study! But I guess we have to pass our classes, so a little studying isn't that bad.

Christmas Day we headed out for a little Sledding!!

We were also able to meet up with Jess and Nick before we left and before they move to Az/Ut. It was so fun to see them and sad they won't be in Denver anymore when we visit my parents.

When we got back from Denver we had planned to have our Christmas together. It was so fun to spend time together and open the presents we got each other! We wanted to keep our tree up so we could put presents under it. Since it had been up for over 3 weeks without water, if we barely brushed it needles went everywhere! Thanks to my mom she gave us some cute tree decorations, so we could enjoy our Christmas tree a little longer.

We have gone skiing a couple times up at Mt. Hood. So far this season the snow hasn't been that great, but there really is no comparison to Utah snow. We were spoiled last year with the time and location we had in Logan. The couple times we have gone here, we have had a lot of fun though.

We are going to try and make some more trips up to Mt. Hood, and try to survive the Portland rain a little longer. (Luckily the rain hasn't been too bad this winter!) We really like Portland and the area we live in, and feel lucky to have family around.