Wednesday, December 8, 2010

'Tis the Season

Time has flown by, which is ok with me! I am finally done with the Fall term and have 21/2  terms to go. Chase starts his finals next week then we are off for our Christmas vaca!! We are so excited to be in St George for the first week then Denver the second week. It will be so nice to not worry about school for awhile. 

We had a really fun thanksgiving and start of the Christmas season. We went up to Silverfalls with Caraston, Justin, and the kids. It is kind of a long drive but once you are there it is worth the car sickness haha. The food is so good and the cabin is so cozy. I have come to LOVE making turkey sandwiches with stuffing and cranberries smashed into roll YUM! Silverfalls also has cabins you can rent, so Chase and I are planning to go back in the summer and ride our bikes to the different waterfalls. Anyway we had such a fun time and hope to go back with the Tookes next year! 

I know this picture is dark, but I still like it

The snow brought a nice Christmas feel

 Chase takes pride in his photos, and this is a good one of the waterfall we walked to after dinner.

Yes those are icicles around the walls!

Saturday after Thanksgiving we went Christmas tree hunting. The tree farm we went to was so funny because the had goats and a mini horse! The trees all smelled so good too. Chase and I have a hard time picking out our tree but this year we are really happy with our choice. Its not too cone shaped, just tall enough and keeps our house smelling great.

 Chase did the hard work!

When you have cut your tree they shake all the extra needles off then use this machine to bundle it up nice and tight!... I was actually really impressed!

The final product! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

And from the extra limbs from the tree I made this very amateur wreath!... It was a good try for my first time haha!(Don't mind the skinny right side).