Saturday, March 19, 2011


Chase and I are both done with our finals! But, Chase still has boards :(  they start tomorrow and end Sunday evening. He has been working so hard studying and trying to cram as much into his noggin as he can. To do my part, I am trying to be as quiet as possible so he can concentrate. So to do this I have kept myself busy by making these little videos on my computer.
When we were camping there were gift cards and they each said advice from a different place in the wild. I thought they were cute so I wrote them down and now turned them into cheesy videos!!


Hope you enjoyed them because I need to say quiet a little bit longer... so that means a few more videos whether you like it or not!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Prezdents Day "Camping"

Well I guess it's better late than never to blog about our camping adventure over Presidents Day. After we got back from Christmas break we were dreading the winter term of school. So to have something to look forward to in the middle of the term,we planned a little get away to Silver Falls State Park. We rented a little one room cabin for Saturday night.

For dinner that night we cooked up some great dutch oven potatoes, Buffalo burgers and had some great kettle BBQ chip to go along with it all. We were really excited to cook our meal because it was the first time we used the camp chef that we got for Christmas. It worked like a charm! We also topped off the night with a superb raspberry cobbler. We decided it was some of the best dutch over cooking we've done yet!

We had potatoes left over that we planned to use for breakfast burritos(my new favorite food!!) in the morning, so we thought it would be fine to leave them in the dutch oven out over night. Around 4 am we were woken up to some loud clanking on our deck. We figured it was an animal trying to get our delicious food, so we turned on the porch light and found a raccoon snooping around and attempting to get into the potatoes. This cridder didn't have a chance at opening the lid, but as soon as we had the chance Chase brought the dutch oven inside for the rest of the night. (if you look close you can see the raccoon on the railing of the deck!)

The big attraction to Sliver Falls are the 10 waterfalls in a 10 mile circle. We planned to hike to three of the 10 the next morning. First we went to South Falls which we had seen before during Thanksgiving. Chase took a picture with me standing to the side of the fall to show how huge it is compared to me. I am circled in red!
 After South Falls we headed to Winter Falls. This is another tall waterfall but it had less water than the other ones but still really pretty.

Finally we ended at North Falls where there is a lookout and you can see the waterfall from the road. Since the waterfall is in a canyon you can hear the water rushing over the edge and hitting the rocks below from a half mile away!It was so pretty from the lookout because you could hear and see the waterfall completely  surrounded by huge pine trees.
When we hiked down to North Falls there is a trail that takes you behind the waterfall. This was so cool because it was dark as we walked behind it, but when you look out through the waterfall the green of the trees and moss seemed so bright! We had so much fun this trip we want to make a trip back this summer when the weather is nicer and hike to all 10 falls!