Thursday, October 13, 2011

Chase's Big Catch!

To cure Chase's hunting blues we went salmon fishing on the Columbia River. We only had one salmon rod and then rigged up my trout rod and crossed our fingers it won't break! After a few hours we decided to switch rods with each other and before I knew it Chase's pole looked like a rainbow. He was using the trout rod and it looked like it was about to break in half! We were both so excited he caught the salmon and of course couldn't wait to have a great meal.

Also right when we got there we noticed a bald eagle with a salmon flying around!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Victoria, BC...(with audio)

(The music should work to the first video now!)

Here is a video of our trip to Victoria. It was a perfect weekend trip during Chase's break between quarters. We hope to make it back because it is so pretty and there is a lot more to see. Enjoy...


 Here is another video from the ferry ride.When we were going through Friday Harbor they had to sound the horn every 5 minutes because the fog was so thick!