Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Best skiers on the mountain....

One day these girls are going to be the best skiers on the mountain and I can't wait to go with them!! They have the hardest and best teachers around (my brothers)! I wish I looked as good as them!!
Ruby, Madden and Stella

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Well this thing called work has really messed up my schedule! As much as I love not having to study for tests or doing any homework, I really miss being a student. I had so much more free time and I guess even then I didn't update the blog on a regular basis, but I feel like I had more energy to do it. These days are filled with long days at the "office" and Chase getting home late from Clinic, so our time together has been cut down dramatically. But we have have slipped in some fun in the last month.
Chase was able to go on the hunt this year! I love when Chase gets excited to do something and I know that the hunt is his 2nd favorite thing to do behind skiing with me of course! haha just kidding! He has told me more than once that he loves to spend time with his brother and dad and the hunt is something they have always done together. I made sure he took pictures this year so I could see the buck they got, so here are a few!


Next was Halloween. I like Halloween but it's not favorite holiday. The thing I do love about it though, is carving pumpkins! I love taking my time to pick the best pumpkin and then carving a better design than the year before. The harder it is the more I love it. This year Chase drew the designs on our pumpkins and we carved them while watching Corpse Bride. Very Festive! Anyway here are Jack and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas in all their glory!

Chase's Bday was also in October and we celebrated by going to dinner and getting him some new pants for the hunt. Now we are prepping for Thanksgiving and Xmas and we both could not be more excited to eat, eat, eat and hang out! Oh ya and to see the families soon!!