Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Football and Carving

This last weekend Chase and I went to the USU vs. Fresno football game. The weather was so nice and Chase even got a tan during the game. Unfortunately the team lost in the last 2 seconds of the game from a 58 yard field goal! The Aggies played well though and it was definitely a fun game to go to!

We also had a really fun time with Swede and Shayla carving pumpkins! They turned out great and we are hoping that some brave trick-or-treater will come down our drive way on halloween to see them all lite up! We can not believe how fast this month has gone and that it will be November in less than one week!!.............. Sorry Swede and Shayla but we like our pumpkins the best!! (jk)

Chase is starting his own tradition because for the last two years he has only carved "Jack" and from now on he said that will be his signature carving. (even though we have never seen the movie Nightmare before Christmas!)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

HUGE Pumpkins & SNOW!!

We can't believe it but its true, it has been snowing all weekend! We love it, but it feels like fall was only a week long. We hope that it keeps snowing so we can go skiing soon! We definitely had to get our winter clothes out and wear wool sock this weekend, but its nice and cozy in the cabin!

We were on our way to Salt Lake when we saw the biggest pumpkins of our lives!! We HAD to stop and get some blog worthy pictures! These suckers were over 1000lbs!! We couldn't believe it, and had to get proof of the monsters!

This seems like an annual event so maybe we will have to make a special trip back next year! We did have a couple questions... how are they going to carve those things? and how many batches of pumpkin seed could they make?! We had a fun day in Salt lake and can't wait for Chase to try out his new Skis!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Park City

A few weekends ago we took a little drive to Park City with Trev, Tehmi, and Stella. It was a quick trip but still really fun!

The Marsh Clan

This was about a month ago when the Marsh Fam made the trip up to Logan for a soccer game. We all had a good time together and it was really fun to hang out.