Thursday, February 17, 2011

Last few Weeks

So if you have been reading the blog my last post was pretty lame because I couldn't figure out how to get the video posted?! Oh well... on to other things!

The last few weeks have been pretty nice here in PDX. Not too much rain, and mild temps. Finally this week we are getting some snow on Mt. Hood! On the other hand Chase and I have been in the middle of midterms :(  But we have been able to enjoy the weekends and take some time to relax and hang out together. Chase was able to get free tickets from school to the Portland Winterhawks hockey game. Since there was a big group of students who went we all got free hats! (I love free swag, even if it is cheap and ugly! haha).

Justin found a great place for shooting so we all took the opportunity to freshen up our skills! The place we went was basically on top of a mountain. The road is tiny but the drive there is really pretty!
 Here is a view from half way up the mountain! It was really pretty driving along the Clackamas river and being surrounded by the mountains. If you don't get car sick, Oregon is the place for Sunday drives or scenic road trips!
 Then of course the SUPER BOWL! We had quite the feast! We made ribs, chase made guacamole, and I bought wings, cookies, and root beer/cream soda. Not only did we enjoy all the food we ate but our team pulled through with the WIN!

 And just as a side comment...we had a doctor night! Well actually Chase's tooth was hurting so Justin took a look with his loops. Then Chase used his otoscope to check in Adalay's ears. This all took place on Chase's adjusting table he bought a few months ago. I love the convenience of having doctors close!