Friday, October 23, 2009

Roloff Farms!!

After planning our perfect weekend with the Drakes we finally made it to Pumpkin season at Roloff Farms! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Roloffs, they are a family that stars in a reality show called "Little People, Big World" on TLC. The parents Matt and Amy are little people with 4 kids and one of them is also little (Zach). Anyway they live in Oregon and have a Pumpkin Patch every year, so we made plans months in advance to see Roloff Farms.

I love any opportunity to see a star, but before we could get started Chase needed to use the Port-o-Pottie. As I waited for him I kept my head on a swivel just in case I needed to snap a quick photo of a Roloff! Well as Chase came out of the bathroom he gave me a look like, "you gotta come here!" He told me that he could hear Zach in the trailer right behind the Port-o-Pottie! I, of course, had to use the sick thing just to confirm what Chase told me. It was TRUE, I heard him too! Then as I was telling Chase I heard him... Zach comes right around the corner. I needed a photo ASAP. The sad thing was, my heart was racing just to get a glimpse. Chase told me to be cool and talk to him, not just ask for a photo.

Apparently that was too much advice, because the photo is a little on the awkward side HAHA! Anyway, the rest of the visit at Roloff Farms was so fun. I love to pick out a good pumpkin to carve, and they had tons to choose from. So here is a photo recap of Pumpkin season.

Matt in the Pumpkin fun house.

The Cute random lion cub

Me and Chase picking out a pumpkin

Chase and Eric in the cute pumpkin face

The Crazy Trebuchet

Me, Heidi, and my Celebrity crush Jeremy

On the couch with the Roloffs behind us!

Finally the Roloff house we all see on TV!!

We really had a fun time with Eric and Heidi! We will make this an annual event, so anyone who would like to come visit during pumpkin season please feel free to join us!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Birthday Weekend

Last weekend was Chase's 26th Birthday! My mom also came to visit for the weekend, so we were busy. I had so much fun with my mom! We definitely stayed busy and I think I can say for the both of us, that we are still recovering! Friday we stayed in Portland and walked around PSU campus, then did some shopping at the mall.

On Saturday Chase had to study, but my mom and I headed up to Seattle to Gammie and Pompo's. We only went up for the day, so we had to leave around 8am. We spent most of the day rearranging Gammie's living room and we are proud of the renovation!

Then after all our hard work Pompo made an amazing crab dinner! I now know how to make a crab dinner and one day I might surprise Chase and show off my cooking skills.

Sunday was the big day! Chase's 26th birthday party! We went to breakfast in the morning with Glen, Sharon and Dillon. We ate downtown at this cute restaurant called Mother's Bistro. We will definitely go back again.
After breakfast we came back home and did some decorating. (Photos coming shortly!) We had dinner with Caraston, Justin and the kids. Justin made his signature homemade chili for us, and it was so good. Then Chase requested Banana Cream Pie for dessert and it hit the spot! I didn't get any photos of the party, but the highlight was the trick candles on the cupcakes! Gets'em every time. Anyway we had so much fun for Chase's Birthday and having mom come visit. Now the house looks cute and Chase is 5 yrs older than me! (well for a month at least!)