Monday, April 27, 2009


This weekend I participated in my very first triathlon! It was the sprint level which is 750 yard swim, 12 mile bike, and 3 mile run. I was a little nervous for the bike since I had never been on a road bike! Thanks to Micall, I was able to borrow her bike and it worked out perfect! The swim was a little longer than I thought, but I stayed at a steady pace and made it though just fine. As soon as the swim was over we had the transition to the bike outside in the snow! I tried to get ready as fast as I could. I had 3 shirts and a rain jacket on to keep warm, and I needed every layer! There was one killer hill and I almost got off my bike, but I struggled through it and made it back for the run. Before I even got off my bike I could not feel my feet because they were so cold. But half way through the run I got some feeling in them again and finshed strong. I crossed the finish line just under 2 hours in 16th place! Chase helped me out so much and took great photos!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring Time!!

Its finally starting to feel like spring here, and I couldn't be more happy! We have been soaking as much sunshine as we can by fishing and playing with a sling Chase made. Unfortunately the fishing up here is not that great yet so we are struggling to catch anything. Luckily though Chase made us some cheap entertainment with a sling. We are getting pretty good at throwing rocks into the lake. (Maybe that's why we are having a hard time catching fish!) Also I have learned that Chase is a master when it comes to skipping rocks! I have never seen anyone skip a rock like he does! Anyway, here are some action photos we took throwing the sling.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend

This past Thursday we went to the Kalai concert. It was the third time that we have seen him play here on campus at USU, and we always look forward to his concerts! He is one of the best guitar players that I've ever heard. If you like his music on CD, you should hear him play live!!! He is seriously impressive. He toured with "The Wailers" (Bob Marley's band) so he has a reggae sound mixed with acoustic guitar. Overall it was a really good concert and we had a great time

This weekend we also went to Baby Animal Days. They have all kinds of baby farm animals there. I was really excited to see the baby ducks! They were so cute, so I had to hold one! It was fun to walk around and watch all the little kids pet the all the animals.... Then for Easter we had church at 1pm so we were able to sleep in, and for dinner Chase made a great dutch over meal. It was such a nice day, so we went on a walk to the dam. We saw quite a few fish and got excited to start fishing. I just hope the weather will stay nice! All in all we had a great Easter weekend, and excited that school is almost over!