Monday, July 26, 2010

Fly Fishing

This weekend Justin, Chase and I went to the Deschutes river to fly fish. We bought the day of fishing at the boy scout auction about 2 months ago, and we went with a guide from our ward, Gregg Allison. I had been so excited to learn how to fly fish I made sure to watch A River Runs Through It at least 3 times!

We were just outside the town of Maupin, OR. It is a tiny little town, but since the weather was in the upper 90s the town was full of people going rafting. We saw at least 1000 people float by and this is just one raft that got soaked on Oak Spring falls!

In the morning we practiced our casting in an open area. After about 4 hours we took a break and had some lunch and took a little tour around the town. It was nice just to relax and get a coke.

Chase is excited to do some more fly fishing. We just need to find some more nice spots to fish! We are going to take advantage of all the garage sales and find some rods and reels.

Around 7pm we went to a new spot. It wasn't too long til the fish started biting! We all caught fish, but nothing over 7 inches. Mine was the size of my finger, but I am just happy that I was able to catch a fish on our first trip!