Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tis the season

Chase and I could not wait for school to be over, and we are taking full advantage of our Christmas break. We have been in Denver for almost a week and its so nice to be on vacation.

Before we left Portland though, we did get a Christmas tree. There are tree farms all around where we live, and you can cut your own Christmas tree. Unfortunately, with finals going on we didn't have enough time to decorate it.

So far in Denver we have had a lot of fun. Its nice to be home for a little bit and see my parents. Also, we can't believe how nice the weather has been here. We went to the Broncos vs Raiders football game and it was in the upper 50s. Last year when we went it was seriously so cold! Anyway, we had so much fun at the game. Kenny worked his magic like always, and got us invites to the Comcast tailgate party! They had free food, drinks and a band playing. After the great food we headed into the game. Our seats were in the 33 row on the 50 yard line! Of course the Broncos blew it in the last seconds of the game, but being there was so much fun!

Me and Chase during the game.

Chase, Me, Mom and Dad before the game!

Santa Parachuted onto the field

Kenny and Chase enjoying all the free food!

We still have another week before we go back to Portland, and have a lot that we want to do here. We can't wait for Christmas to see the rest of the fam damily, and excited to relax for a while longer!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving Week!

We had a great Thanksgiving with the whole Gentry Family. Everyone made the trek up to Portland and stayed for almost a week. Each day was booked with plans to keep us busy. We went ice skating, took the light rail downtown to the mall, saw zoo lights, hiked to a couple waterfalls, and of course, the girls went to New Moon. Most importantly Garrison was baptized on Saturday and the whole family was able be there!

For Thanksgiving dinner we went up to Silver Falls in Salem. We ate dinner in a cabin in the woods. It was so pretty and cozy! Around Silver Falls park there are 10 waterfalls in a 10 mile radius. We hiked to one and definitely want to go back in the summer and hike to the rest of them.

We also took family photos and I thought this one was really cute of all the kids. We had so much fun with everyone this last week and so happy that they all could make it up here. Hopefully we can all get together again soon!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Roloff Farms!!

After planning our perfect weekend with the Drakes we finally made it to Pumpkin season at Roloff Farms! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Roloffs, they are a family that stars in a reality show called "Little People, Big World" on TLC. The parents Matt and Amy are little people with 4 kids and one of them is also little (Zach). Anyway they live in Oregon and have a Pumpkin Patch every year, so we made plans months in advance to see Roloff Farms.

I love any opportunity to see a star, but before we could get started Chase needed to use the Port-o-Pottie. As I waited for him I kept my head on a swivel just in case I needed to snap a quick photo of a Roloff! Well as Chase came out of the bathroom he gave me a look like, "you gotta come here!" He told me that he could hear Zach in the trailer right behind the Port-o-Pottie! I, of course, had to use the sick thing just to confirm what Chase told me. It was TRUE, I heard him too! Then as I was telling Chase I heard him... Zach comes right around the corner. I needed a photo ASAP. The sad thing was, my heart was racing just to get a glimpse. Chase told me to be cool and talk to him, not just ask for a photo.

Apparently that was too much advice, because the photo is a little on the awkward side HAHA! Anyway, the rest of the visit at Roloff Farms was so fun. I love to pick out a good pumpkin to carve, and they had tons to choose from. So here is a photo recap of Pumpkin season.

Matt in the Pumpkin fun house.

The Cute random lion cub

Me and Chase picking out a pumpkin

Chase and Eric in the cute pumpkin face

The Crazy Trebuchet

Me, Heidi, and my Celebrity crush Jeremy

On the couch with the Roloffs behind us!

Finally the Roloff house we all see on TV!!

We really had a fun time with Eric and Heidi! We will make this an annual event, so anyone who would like to come visit during pumpkin season please feel free to join us!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Birthday Weekend

Last weekend was Chase's 26th Birthday! My mom also came to visit for the weekend, so we were busy. I had so much fun with my mom! We definitely stayed busy and I think I can say for the both of us, that we are still recovering! Friday we stayed in Portland and walked around PSU campus, then did some shopping at the mall.

On Saturday Chase had to study, but my mom and I headed up to Seattle to Gammie and Pompo's. We only went up for the day, so we had to leave around 8am. We spent most of the day rearranging Gammie's living room and we are proud of the renovation!

Then after all our hard work Pompo made an amazing crab dinner! I now know how to make a crab dinner and one day I might surprise Chase and show off my cooking skills.

Sunday was the big day! Chase's 26th birthday party! We went to breakfast in the morning with Glen, Sharon and Dillon. We ate downtown at this cute restaurant called Mother's Bistro. We will definitely go back again.
After breakfast we came back home and did some decorating. (Photos coming shortly!) We had dinner with Caraston, Justin and the kids. Justin made his signature homemade chili for us, and it was so good. Then Chase requested Banana Cream Pie for dessert and it hit the spot! I didn't get any photos of the party, but the highlight was the trick candles on the cupcakes! Gets'em every time. Anyway we had so much fun for Chase's Birthday and having mom come visit. Now the house looks cute and Chase is 5 yrs older than me! (well for a month at least!)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Non-Stop Before School

In our 2 weeks that we have been in Portland we have been going 24/7. Running errands, putting the house together, getting ready for school and the million other things that go along with moving!!... So again not enough time to blog, but I am trying to catch up on the blog.
Chase's mom and sister spent the first week here with us. It was so fun to have them around because it still seemed like we were on vacation. While they were here we went to the Dahlia Festival, and saw the prettiest flowers! We also went on my favorite hike so far. It had the coolest waterfall, and Chase and I want to go back to fish there. Here are a few pictures from the Dahlia Festival.

Just one of many Beautiful Flowers

One of our favorites.

Our next adventure was a little trip up Seattle to see my grandparents, and to see the Utah State girls soccer team play a couple games. We had such a fun time seeing both the grandparents and the girls from the team. Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos of the girls, but here are some from Gammie and Pompo's house and Pike Place Market.
It was Chase's first time to Seattle so we had to go to Pike Place!

We watched the guys toss the fish back and forth.

Shot of the market

Can't get enough

We of course took the ferry to Gammie and Pompo's

Nice to visit again

Gammie and Pompo's House and Yard
Taking a walk in the Forest
Chase and Pompo in front of the house

We had a really fun time visiting Gammie and Pompo. It was nice to take a break from all the running around we have done in Portland. Hopefully it won't be too long before we head back to Whidbey Island. Thanks to Gammie and Pompo for letting us stay with them for the weekend!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Move

We're here!! We are now officially Oregonians. We moved out about 2 weeks ago and it has been non-stop since we got here. We took 2 days the make the 16 hour drive from St. George. Chase's mom drove with us and was nice to relieve me and drive for a while. We had the U-Haul towing Chase's car and Kathy and I drove my car the Excursion! It was a pretty drive most of the way and we stopped in a couple really cute towns along the way.
The First sign of Oregon!
Apparently Oregon is really flat too.
SOO many trees! It was a tree farm for making paper.
The Colombia Gorge is known for the Windsurfing.
We had a safe trip coming out here and luckily it went smoothly! We are excited to explore a little and for school to get going!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Lots To Blog About

There is a lot that has happened since the last blog and not enough time to tell it all but i will try my best!
To start off, we made a Disneyland trip with Mitch and Meghan. We had so much fun with them and would go back anytime! We spent 2 days at the Big D and it was probably the hottest weekend on record. We were dying with the heat but that's nothing Splash Mountain can't fix. Here are a few photos of our trip.
We had a little car trouble on the way, but luckily it was just the air filter and the AC worked just fine.

First ride of the trip was Peter Pan!

My new favorite ride... Toy Story!

How perfect for Chase and Alex

I had to try the turkey leg, and it was the greasiest thing I have ever had! (But I liked it.)
All in all we had a really fun trip with Mitch and Meghan.It was a great way to end our summer Vacation in St. George

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Last weekend Chase and I went to Denver to visit my parents! Lucky for us it was Kenny's birthday on Friday, so we celebrated with him and ate a great dinner with his favorite cake. Jess and Nick came over to celebrate as well, and it was fun to hang out with them.

We had such a good time with Hailey and my parents and to be home for a little bit. We spent most of our time a the pool playing "College Tri" and "Ocho Cinco," games that my dad loves! Kenny was the MVP of Ocho Cinco, because he was laying out to catch the tennis balls then diving into the pool with grace. We went to my mom's showroom, Phoebe Marsh, and I would love to have my house decorated with everything in there! She has done such a good job pulling it all together! We played a few games of Roulette, no one won but it was an awesome table from the late 1800's.

We were sad to leave Denver and wished we could have spent more time there with my parents. But hopefully they can come out and visit us in Portland soon! We are moving over labor day weekend. Our summer may be ending soon, but we still have the Big D planned for this weekend and can't wait!! (That is Disneyland of course!)