Friday, August 10, 2012

Burnt Lake

This summer we have been taking advantage of the time off we have together. Our agenda consists of fishing, hiking, and camping. One of our trips was to Burnt Lake. It is a 3 mile hike up to the lake and it took us 2 hours. We have been lucky with weather this August. It has been in the 80-90's and hasn't rained for a few weeks! I could really get used to this haha!

Cut throat trout

Olympic gold for me! Just call me Gabby Douglas!!

Chase also caught a brook trout but we didn't have the camera close to get a picture... but just know that mine was cooler and prettier!!

Monday, July 2, 2012


CHASE GRADUATED!! (June 22, 2012)
Man that 3 years went by fast! Thinking back to the start of Chase's school and all the time he put into studying and being on campus is crazy. He has worked so hard and done so well! I really am so proud and excited for him and his huge accomplishment! He has put so much time and effort into learning as much as he can making great friends too. He has received such good feed back from the clinicians he has worked under, I know that he is going to do so well as a Doctor!
Chase had a lot of support from both of our families during his time in school and we both appreciate all that has been done so he could make it to this point.

So proud!

Happy Dad!

Kenny and Tehmi with the Man of the Hour

Proud Parents

Andy, Chase, Tim

BBall Crew

Dr. Hatch

Ann, the best third wheel ski partner!

Greg, Chase, Lance, Scott

Chase and Jason

Chase and Kate
 Here are the only other pictures I took from the graduation weekend. We had a lot of fun going to garage sales in Happy Valley. Also we had to introduce my parents to Joe's Donuts!
Kathy holding Elsie
My parents "Keeping Portland Weird"

My favorite donut shop in Sandy, Oregon!!
What a weekend we had! Such a milestone was reached! We are so anxious to find out where we will be at the end of September when Chase is done with his preceptorship!... Here is to enjoying the last ever summer break from school! Camping and fishing here we come!!

Friday, June 29, 2012


Chase has been going to Seattle about once a month for a personal injury seminar. I was able to join him and a few of his classmates for the trip at the beginning of June. We left early Saturday morning and when we got there I dropped them off at the seminar and hung out at the hotel. I love staying at hotels so it was fun to relax and watch the Euro 2012 soccer games. Our plan was to head to the Mariners game after the seminar was done on Saturday late afternoon, but Chase and Cory were ready to head to the game a little early! We stayed at a hotel right by SEA-TAC so it was really convenient to hop on the light rail and get dropped off at the door of Safeco Field.

On Sunday Chase and his classmates went back to the seminar and I was left to relax and watch more soccer. Later in the morning I walked up the street to the hotel where the seminar was held and I saw Kate and Chase sitting in the lobby... so I went over to see what they were up to. It turns out that a few famous rappers ( Rick Ross, Kid Khalifa) were staying at the hotel and Chase and Kate saw them walking to their cars with huge bodyguards. They had to go back to the seminar so they gave me the job of eavesdropping on the entourage and find out any info I could!... I didn't really get any critical info but it was fun to do some spying haha.
It was a really fun trip and I am glad I could take time to make the quick trip. We are hoping to have a fun summer and spend some time fishing and camping as much as possible!

Monday, May 28, 2012

The month of May

To start off this month we had our 4 year anniversary. We celebrated by going to the Black Keys concert and it was so awesome!! I really liked them before we went to the concert, but seeing them live made me like them even more!
So it turns out that I don't have any picture from our wedding so I made yet another video for the blog.

I was able to take some videos during the concert, but the sound was terrible on my phone so I just put them together with one of our favorite songs. This song just makes me want to dance! If you haven't seen the music video for Lonely Boy by The Black Keys you should check it out asap!

The rest of the month has consisted of school/clinic for Chase and work for me. Chase is finished with all of his requirements for clinic and his graduation is in June. (Crazy that it has gone sooo fast!!) He still has to finish 12th quarter which will be from July-September, but during that time he will be doing an internship and getting some more clinic hours under his belt. He has done so well in school it's awesome! As for me I just finished my supervisor training at good ol' Costco and now able to apply for the new Supervisor position at my warehouse. We are excited for this summer, and hopefully spend more time together if we get the same days off during the week. Cross your fingers!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Break

For Chase's spring break we used our Groupon for Bandon, Oregon. This was a perfect chance for us to see what the southern Oregon coast is all about. It turned out to be our favorite trip we have been on. We didn't have a schedule of where we need to be or a time frame to get there. So we took our time driving Highway 101 and pulled off at most of the lookouts! The weather could not have been any better and in the 3 years we have been here it was the first time both of us had small sunburns!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bend, Ory-gun

A couple weeks ago Chase and I made a trip to Bend with Andy and his wife Krista. Andy goes to school with Chase and he also treats me in the campus clinic. Anyway, we made plans with them a few months back for a little weekend ski trip to Bend.
When we were all done with school and work on Friday we made the drive down and stayed 2 nights. Saturday we went skiing and it was the perfect day to go! It snowed at least a foot overnight then continued to dump while we were skiing. Unfortunately part of mountain wasn't open because of the wind, but we still had knee deep powder and fresh tracks all day long! It was a little chilly but nothing a hot chocolate and uncrustable couldn't help!

Andy and Krista found the little house we stayed in and it was so cute! Complete with a fireplace, hot tub, double head shower in master bedroom, and an awesome kitchen! I would seriously love to live there. It was close to downtown Bend and next to the river, perfect spot.

 The house was decorated so cute and had some awesome pieces of furniture. Chase and I are keeping an idea of what we want in our amazing house one day! haha jk ~sort of :)

Sunday we had to head back to the real world, but not without taking our time getting there! We stopped at a couple waterfalls along the McKenzie River and with the snow they were the perfect winter falls.

Bend is definitely a fun place to visit. There is so much to do there and around the area all year long! We had such a great time with Andy and Krista. They have given us motivation to take some more weekend adventures and see more of ORY-GUN! After Chase is done with boards this weekend and finals next weekend our next stop is Bandon, OR.