Wednesday, January 28, 2009

First Time Ice Skating

I thought that being from St. George not skiing that often was acceptable, but Chase had NEVER been ice skating before! That was a little shocking to me. So I thought it was my duty to make sure this winter he got on some skates. There is a park right around the corner from out house and for the first time in six year they made a ice skating rink at the park! It was so cool. They light it up at night, and it looked so fun! The only bad part is that they don't rent skates?! So all last week I was on a mad search for a couple pairs. We went to a so many different stores, but no where rents skates or they sold their last pairs yesterday!... So we had to resort to the indoor rink. It was still so much fun to go. We skated for a little while and as the time went by I am sad to say that Chase can actually "hockey stop" better than me! (That's right Chase I admit it! But there is still plenty of other things I can beat you at.) Anyway, we had a really fun time and want to go again soon! Hopefully we can go at the park soon.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Years!!

Chase and I wanted to do something to ring in the new year. We had heard about the Bull Wars in Ogden, so we decided to make a little road trip down and watch the Bull riding. When we got there we were standing in line to buy tickets and a lady came out of the doors and gave us her two extra tickets!! How nice! We enjoyed a nice hot dog for dinner and a churro for dessert. Here is a preview of the bulls...

After the rider had fallen off the bull kept spinning and go so dizzy that it actually fell over and couldn't walk!! The show started off with the very first rider getting knocked out and had to be carried out of the ring. After Bull Wars we came home to watch the count down and had a cup of sparkling cider. We hope that everyone has a good safe year!!



We had such a fun time in Denver! We started off going to the Broncos vs. Bills games. It was a really fun game, but FREEZING! We made sure to have plenty of blankets and hot Chocolate! Unfortunately the broncos lost, but it was a mile stone for both Chase and Tehmi it was their first NFL game.

The next adventure we had was getting a Christmas tree. When we pulled up to the lot we saw the tree that we wanted! It was laying on the ground so Hailey and I tried to stand it up. We didn't realize how heavy it was and almost fell over! We loaded it up on Dad's car and on the way home had to pull over a couple times to make sure the rope was still tight! The tree made Marsh history as the biggest of all time! We think it topped out between 16-18'!!
We spent the rest of the break hanging out with the family and the girls went shopping. Each morning we went and worked out, Chase and Dad played basketball, and Hailey and I played racquetball! We really got pretty good! I am proud to say that I beat Chase 2 out of 3 times which he was not very happy about!!

The whole week we were busy being with the family and having a good time! Christmas break was so much fun and we are really happy that we could be with family!