Thursday, May 27, 2010

Excursion, you will be missed!!

This week Chase and I sold the Excursion. There was a big weight lifted off our shoulders and when it came down to it we were more than ready to let it go. Sadly every mile we drove, it felt like "Excursio" was losing power. Not only was it getting close to being on its last leg, but we would put 30 bucks of gas in a week and that lasted around 90 miles. (Borderline Ridiculous!)

Now with that being said, "Excursio" was a great car. I remember being picked up in it for the first time when I was in 6th grade. There were countless trips made to and from Denver to Salt Lake. I think the record of people I stuffed in "Excursio" was around 12-15 and still a little room to spare haha! The 194,000 miles it lasted the Marsh family is amazing and I am so sad to see it go but it definitely had a great run with us!!... A few highlights: taking the soccer girls up to Bear lake, Fittting a 7-8 foot Christmas tree in the back, and of course the MANY ski trips!

Excursio you will be missed by many but thank you for all the great memories!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

2 Years and Counting...

Last Friday, May 7th, was our 2 year anniversary! It's crazy how fast the time goes, but we definitely have had a lot of fun the last few years. To celebrate this year we decided to make a weekend out of it. First, Chase has had the golfing bug lately, so we played 9 holes at a golf course close to our house. We didn't play too bad for our first round of the year, but some practice would help haha!

After golf we cleaned up and went to dinner at Stanfords. Chase hasn't stopped talking about how good his ribs were and wants to go back soon! We rounded out the night by heading to Iron Man 2. We both really liked the movie, even though it didn't get the best reviews.
Saturday it was so nice and sunny here so I made sure we spent the majority of the day outside. We went to Wahcella Falls with a picnic and did a fun hike.

Sunday we spent mother's day with Caraston, Justin and the kids. It was another perfect day for a hike so we went to Elowah Falls and it was so pretty! If anyone wants to come and visit we will for sure have to show you these hikes!

We had such a fun weekend and so happy that the weather was nice too! I am glad that Chase and I can live in such a nice area and have the support of both our families!... So here is to many more beautiful hikes and many more years of celebration!