Friday, June 29, 2012


Chase has been going to Seattle about once a month for a personal injury seminar. I was able to join him and a few of his classmates for the trip at the beginning of June. We left early Saturday morning and when we got there I dropped them off at the seminar and hung out at the hotel. I love staying at hotels so it was fun to relax and watch the Euro 2012 soccer games. Our plan was to head to the Mariners game after the seminar was done on Saturday late afternoon, but Chase and Cory were ready to head to the game a little early! We stayed at a hotel right by SEA-TAC so it was really convenient to hop on the light rail and get dropped off at the door of Safeco Field.

On Sunday Chase and his classmates went back to the seminar and I was left to relax and watch more soccer. Later in the morning I walked up the street to the hotel where the seminar was held and I saw Kate and Chase sitting in the lobby... so I went over to see what they were up to. It turns out that a few famous rappers ( Rick Ross, Kid Khalifa) were staying at the hotel and Chase and Kate saw them walking to their cars with huge bodyguards. They had to go back to the seminar so they gave me the job of eavesdropping on the entourage and find out any info I could!... I didn't really get any critical info but it was fun to do some spying haha.
It was a really fun trip and I am glad I could take time to make the quick trip. We are hoping to have a fun summer and spend some time fishing and camping as much as possible!