Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bend, Ory-gun

A couple weeks ago Chase and I made a trip to Bend with Andy and his wife Krista. Andy goes to school with Chase and he also treats me in the campus clinic. Anyway, we made plans with them a few months back for a little weekend ski trip to Bend.
When we were all done with school and work on Friday we made the drive down and stayed 2 nights. Saturday we went skiing and it was the perfect day to go! It snowed at least a foot overnight then continued to dump while we were skiing. Unfortunately part of mountain wasn't open because of the wind, but we still had knee deep powder and fresh tracks all day long! It was a little chilly but nothing a hot chocolate and uncrustable couldn't help!

Andy and Krista found the little house we stayed in and it was so cute! Complete with a fireplace, hot tub, double head shower in master bedroom, and an awesome kitchen! I would seriously love to live there. It was close to downtown Bend and next to the river, perfect spot.

 The house was decorated so cute and had some awesome pieces of furniture. Chase and I are keeping an idea of what we want in our amazing house one day! haha jk ~sort of :)

Sunday we had to head back to the real world, but not without taking our time getting there! We stopped at a couple waterfalls along the McKenzie River and with the snow they were the perfect winter falls.

Bend is definitely a fun place to visit. There is so much to do there and around the area all year long! We had such a great time with Andy and Krista. They have given us motivation to take some more weekend adventures and see more of ORY-GUN! After Chase is done with boards this weekend and finals next weekend our next stop is Bandon, OR.


Lacey said...

That little house is so cute! It looks so cold!! I dont think I could go outside. Hope your doing good!

Jess said...

These pictures look soooo cold! I guess I'm a baby now:) haha... looks like you guys had a ton of fun! Love the snowy beard! Miss you guys and sad I didn't get to catch up with you with Nick. So jealous.